See what some of our happy customers say about Joy Valley Care.

“Their services are great . I love how I was spoken to over the phone even before meeting them in person. I believe they will help a whole lot of families with their exceptional services”


“Thank you Joy Valley Care and the team! You are what the industry need. A team of caring and passionate people. I was impressed with the information that you shared with me, the transparency and the documentation of your systems. Your house in Mount Annan is a five star holiday place, with five star service.

Keep it up and continue to be an example to others”


“I visited the home and it was a very warm and inviting place. Would highly recommend it for anyone who was thinking about disability accommodation”


“Joy Valley Care – the name itself sounds so assuring to trust our loved to be taken care of by this organisation. I have found them very approachable and accommodating and they were very clear and precise in providing me with policies, procedures, their Mission and other information which made me so comfortable. I wish the Management and Staff of Joy Valley Care every success in their strife to assist the people with needs in our community. I commend Joy Valley Care to you”


“We went for a visit and we were given a tour of the house in Mount Annan by the General Manager and two other staff. The house is soooo beautiful and lovely. Very clean, well looked after and lots of space. We were told there is more work underway to improve the house. I am sure by the time my daughter moves in it will even be better. I highly recommend Joy Valley Care for their unique and paricipant-focussed approach. The GM remarked that the house belongs 100% to the participants and his position together with his team is to make sure that the participants have their everyday life as they want it, in a safe and comfortable environment. We discovered Joy Valley Care through a recommendation by a friend. I certainly will be telling other about Joy Valley Care!”

Thank you.



“Thank you Joy Valley Care. My sister loves the house, her second home… Certainly a house of joy. Awesome team, kind, helpful and cheerful staff. Great luxurious home, just like a five star private hideaway!”


“Very nice home. I didn’t think anyone would care to set up a home like that for other people to live in. My granddaughter who came with me to have a look at Joy Valley Care house last Saturday said “It’s so good and so different from other places. It feels like a holiday home to relax in everyday” Good work Joy Valley Care for disability. Keep it up. Thank you for showing us around”

(name not supplied)

“Joy Valley Care has a welcoming and home away from home atmosphere. The staff are professional, personable and caring. My grandson loved his stay and came home happy and relaxed talking about returning again. He really enjoyed BBQs and jamming as he loves music and playing his guitar . Thank you Joy Valley”