Joy Valley Care Unsung Hero Chris Gudu

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Chris Gudu is proudly a Registered Nurse who was trained at Royal London Hospital in the United Kingdom. Upon completion of his RN training, Chris went on to study at the University of East London where he obtained his BA Honours in Health Services Management.
Chris Gudu moved to Sydney Australia in 1997 where he immediately put his qualifications as a Registered Nurse as well as his Health Services Management degree to practice. He landed himself a position as a Nursing Unit Manager and a year later his journey as Director of Nursing began. He spent over 20 years in aged care management working for a number of organizations such as Uniting Care, Opal, Wesley Mission, and Allity, only to name a few.
It was in 2020 when Chris saw an opportunity to venture out into a new territory when he believed his passion to provide hands-on excellent care would be best put to use. His dream became a reality when he and his wife Nimmy set up Joy Valley Care, opening the doors of the very first Joy Valley Care house in Mount Annan in February 2020. Chris describes that moment as a typical case of ‘humble’ but fulfilling beginnings.
Chris proudly leads a team of approximately 30 staff to whom he gives credit for the success of Joy Valley Care. “Our team has a specific Joy Valley Care culture of putting people first and providing care and support with a passion.” Testimonials from Joy Valley Care participants are evident as to the quality of care that Joy Valley Care provides. He strongly believes in living and exercising the values of Choice Well-being and Safety as a daily norm all across Joy Valley Care.
Chris, a proud father of four spends his time away from work with his family or in his music studio making some sweet melodies! Chris is an accomplished musician who is well known in the Sydney music scene as the lead singer in his band, The Chris Gudu Band.
Chris states that without the amazing support of his wife, family, and the awesome Joy Valley Care team the journey would have been quite challenging. “Above all, as a man of faith in Jesus I give thanks to God for making all things possible.”
We hope you’ve been inspired by Chris’ extraordinary dedication to the NDIS community. Our mission is to continue shedding light on the vital work of these NDIS heroes, fostering a deeper understanding of the NDIS system and its impact. Join us in recognizing and supporting NDIS providers as they remain at the heart of positive change within the NDIS framework.
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